Mustangs News · Montabella Fall Sports Will Play!

Recently, Governor Whitmer signed new Executive Orders that have made Fall Sports able to practice and compete, giving way for the MHSAA to rethink playing football in the season rather than the Spring.  Here is what we know about Fall Sports practices:

  • MS and HS Cross Country will continue as scheduled with current limitations (runner per race didn’t change)
  • HS Cheerleading – may begin practice inside on Wednesday
  • HS Volleyball – may begin inside practice on Wednesday; competitions can begin immediately, if scheduled.
  • HS Football – may begin(continue) practices on Tuesday; competitions will begin on September 17 for JV and September 18 for Varsity.
  • MS Volleyball – may begin practices on Wednesday; competitions will begin Sept. 21 and finish the season out as scheduled. All previous contests prior to Sept. 21 are cancelled and will not be rescheduled.
  • MS Football – may begin practices on Monday, Sept. 14, with two weeks of practice. First competition to take place on Sept. 29. They will finish out a 5 game schedule.  Schedule is being recreated to prevent school from hosting two events in one evening.

Schedules are still being shuffled and revised, but for current schedules you can click on the home page of Montabella Mustangs Athletics and search for Fall Sports pages, or scroll down on the home page for upcoming events on the right side.  You can always follow Montabella Community School Facebook page for weekly schedule updates post, as well.

Here are some expectations for spectators attending sporting events:

  • Each participant of the evenings sporting event will be allowed 2 spectators to attend (entry fees are still being collected).  There hasn’t been clarification on coaches and game workers on whether they can have two spectators each…more to come on spectators.
  • All spectators must wear a mask, and family and/or individuals, must maintain social distancing in the stands.  MHSAA may disqualify a team from tournament play if these mandates aren’t enforced by the school.  If you can’t wear a mask, we have other means to watch the game – we are installing cameras (September 25th cameras will be installed) to allow for live streaming.  More to come on live streaming events at a later date.
  • Stay tuned for more information as it comes available.

We are thankful for the opportunity for our kids to play sports during these times.  The virus is not gone and can still prevent us from playing, so it is our job to ensure we are doing our part in following the social distancing and masks guidelines while in attendance at sporting events.  We are looking forward to the Fall season and hope for a safe and exciting season for our students, as well as our opponents on the court or field.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Athletic Director Marty Weese at